We provide broader perspectives for your city.

By combining key city and partner data, we facilitate more informed and collaborative thinking, providing useful and consistent insights that are accessible to every city in New Zealand and beyond – scaling Smart City thinking into a Smart Nation.

Cities are growing.

Rapid population growth and urban migration are placing immense pressures on our cities affecting our infrastructure, our communities and our ecology.

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 urban density

Our city infrastructure and services often aren’t quite ready to cater for our growing populace. Our cities become inefficient and more expensive to run.

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Climate and
 the environment

The rising tide of population can impact the fragile balance we have with our natural capital. Air and water pollution are key issues arising in many cities today.

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Liveability and quality of life

Inequality and social issues are exacerbated with increasing urban density, placing more pressure on social service agencies.

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How do we survive and thrive against climate change and prepare for the inevitable stress or shock event? Our state of readiness and our ability to recover will affect the lives of every citizen.

Planning for growth is complex. The physical, social and natural systems in our cities are connected intimately into a complex ecosystem, that directly affect each other.

Cities and vendors have technical challenges.

With the accelerated pace of change, our growing cities are being forced to make big decisions at speed often based on assumptions and incomplete data.

Organisations are increasingly using emerging technology in isolated challenge areas. Even with all the data collected it's still hard for everyone in an organisation to see a common picture of how a city is performing.

Imagine if we could...

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Tell better stories

Provide a medium for everyone to collaborate around data (contributors and consumers) and to tell better stories.

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Reduce risk

Facilitate low-risk experimentation, showcasing capability between public and private interests ahead of risky procurement and integration projects.

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Use resources better

Provide a better way to exploit data for public good and to fuel entrepreneurial endeavours in IoT and AI.

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Empower citizens

Enable citizens to be true stakeholders in community data and decisions.

... so that communities of all sizes can collaborate and share practical learnings.

We believe this is the genesis of a Smart Nation.

A tool chain that aligns with your smart city journey.

With the ability to measure more, provide trusted insightful data and to break down silos with broader perspectives, we help to make better, more informed decisions for everyone in our cities.