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The Perspectives platform gives you insights and a deeper understanding into specific city challenges.

A Perspective is a tailored data visualisation and exploration tool that provides a balanced understanding of a specific aspect of your city. By bringing together multiple related datasets and applying frameworks or models, each Perspective condenses complex inter-related measures into a form that can be readily understood and shared.

The Perspectives platform provides insights across core strategy areas that can help to inform stakeholders of what the right questions are. BucketLabs’ goal is not to simply provide tools for data, but to provide tools that can support the processes of strategic and operational planning.

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Specific city challenges

Designed for the non-specialist user, Perspectives focusses on specific city challenges allowing users to easily interrogate and understand complex data.

Perspectives include: housing planning, the impact of significant city transformation and the influence of tourism on economic development.

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Shared frameworks

Each perspective brings together relevant data (internal and external) into challenge specific frameworks, much like recipes, that can be shared across councils and partners for maximum benefit to all.

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Telling better stories

Perspectives helps to facilitate collaboration between councils and partners for more-informed decisionmaking.